• What is IntStu?

    IntStu is powered by OCXEE. It is the Consultancy which will assist the students to create exciting experiences abroad.

  • Why choose IntStu?

    Intstu believes in overcoming the obstacles faced during overseas education by providing the best consultancy.

  • How is IntStu different from others?

    Intstu came into existence for the primary purpose of serving all the International Education needs. To be one-stop solution for overseas education through a transparent, honest and convenient mode, that is fast, easy and hassle-free service.

  • What are the Services provided by IntStu?
    • ⇝ International Student Insurance
    • ⇝ Student Travel Center
    • ⇝ International Phone Cards
    • ⇝ International Student Loans
    • ⇝ Prepaid Phones/Sim Cards
    • ⇝ Student Tax Return
    • ⇝ Textbooks
    • ⇝ Student Furniture Rentals
  • How to get in touch with IntStu?

    Address: 302, Unity Corner, Citylight Main Road, opp Bank of Baroda, CityLight (3.54 km) 395007 Surat, Gujarat

    Email ID: info@intstu.com

  • When to submit our application?

    Every University/College has their different intakes during a year related to students choice of course. It completely depends on student when he/she wants to pursue course. So, before a year student needs to begin with its application procedure to meet final deadlines.

  • Will IntStu assist throughout the application procedure?

    IntStu Counselors will assist students throughout the application procedure.

  • Does IntStu guide in preparing LOR/ SOP/ CV?

    IntStu experts believes in screening students entire application. After preparing draft of LOR/SOP/CV will be proof-read by our team of experts. They will make sure that each candidate letters are presented in such a way that at one look one can get its complete insight about him.