Why Study In Australia

For international students, Australia is the third most popular destination in the world. This English-speaking country is just behind the United States and the UK, but it is still one of the most recognized and rewarding places.

Employers all over the world accept degrees from Australian institutions. Graduates from Australian universities are highly valued due to the remarkable international reputation of the Australian education system. To maintain the high standards of education this system is carefully regulated by the Australian government.


Australian universities offer an extensive variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field they are interested in. Institutions provide options between universities, vocational education, and English language training (so choose what is right for you). If necessary, it is possible for students to move between qualification levels and institutions.

According to the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland are among the 50 best universities of the world.


Living standard in Australia is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are significantly lower in Australia than they are in the United States or the UK. International students are able to get employment (part-time) (20 hours per week) while they study, allowing them to balance their living costs. There is also the opportunity of scholarships, which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia.


The list below gives you an indication of the range of course costs for different types of qualifications.

School vary- $8,100 to $30,000

English language studies are around $300 per week depending on course length

Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) - $4,500 to $22,500

Undergraduate bachelor’s degree costs around $15,000 to $33,000*

Postgraduate Master’s Degree - $20,000 to $37,000*

Doctoral Degree - $14,000 to $37,000*

These prices do not include high-value options such as veterinary and medical.


Hostels and Guesthouses - $90 to $150 per week

Shared Rental - $85 to $215 per week

On-campus - $90 to $280 per week

Homestay - $235 to $325 per week

Rental - $165 to $440 per week

Boarding schools - $12,000 to $22,000 a year


Groceries and eating out - $85 to $280 per week

Gas, electricity - $40 to $140 per week

Phone and Internet - $25 to $55 per week

Public transport - $15 to $55 per week

Car (after purchase) - $155 to $260 per week

Entertainment - $70 to $150 per week