Why Study In UK

There are numerous factors which influence international students to pursue their education in the UK.

UK institutions are among the best in the world that include universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College, St. Andrews and many more. A lot of educational systems around the world have displayed similar features that British institutions use. Many of the world leaders have graduated from one of the finest British universities.

With the progressing world economy, it is crucial to have a degree which is accepted worldwide. Many companies look for candidates with international experience with diverse knowledge and skills,UK education being widely recognized easily provides the same.

Many UK universities offer the option of work placement as part of the intended program, which gives the students cutting edge knowledge, abilities as well as experience.

UK is a multicultural society and a truly magnificent country in every possible way.


UK education system is very well developed. It is one of the most reputed in the world. The UK education system is a lure for international students because of its world-class universities, advanced programs, and coaching. International students are a significant part of the British student population. The UK universities are home to more than a million foreign students.


UK tuition fees are frequently a source of debate, with a rise in recent years.Tuition fees vary considerably for international undergraduate, starting at around £10,000 (~US$14,000) and going up to £37,500 (~US$53,000).

Nevertheless, if you want to study humanities or social sciences, then its degrees tend to cost the least, while laboratory or clinical degree programs are the most expensive. The total average cost of studying in the UK is estimated to be at least £22,000 (~US$31,090) per year, with studying in London tending to be more expensive.


Currently, UK student visa requirements specify that you must have at least £1,020 (~US$1,450) in your bank for each month you plan to stay in the UK (anywhere outside of London). This works out as £12,000 (~US$17,400) per year.

If you desire to study in London, you will need considerably more budget at least £1,270 (~US$1,800) per month, the equivalent of £15,180 (~US$21,500) a year.


Weekly food shop will cost you around £30 ($42), and a meal in a restaurant can be about £12 ($17). Depending on your course, you are likely to spend at least £30 ($42) a month on books and other materials. Your mobile phone bill is likely to be around £15 ($22) a month. A standard night out (outside of London) will cost about £30 ($42). In terms of entertainment, watching TV in your room is allowed but only with a TV license – this is around £150 ($115) per year. A cinema ticket costs roughly £10 ($14).